it all started out on a nice summer day...

the question: what does this picture have to do with hanggliding?
the answer: it all started out as a regular flight on a nice summer day...

with great airtime until a technical malfuncture on the wing forced me to throw out the rescue parachute. it opened well and took me do the ground safely, but the landing site was in the trees and had quite tricky access. so my friends had to get the local fire brigade.
after checking out the situation they took ropes and a chainsaw and got the glider out.
and with the help of them and my friends chrissie and muggi the day came to happy end after all, with a few beers and a big pasta.
thanks to everybody who helped, espacially the fire brigade schlitters!

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exploring the surf on alaskan offshore islands

last week a tv crew from the austrian channel orf was in silz near innsbruck to film for a documentation that will be broadcasted next spring. the water level of the inn river was not very high but still good and we had a fun session. tommy bause (, who had organised the shooting, did some great pictures, check them out...

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the world of fashion - photoshooting in paris

yesterday i came back from paris, where i had a photoshooting for my sponsor cebe. it was intersting to be in right in the heart of the fashion world for some time. check it out...


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hanggliding in austria over magnificient scenery

finally we are having a great summer here in austria with perfect weather for hanggliding. here are some impressions for you from the last weeks. as for me, i will keep on flying for anothher few weeks and then go to indonesia on a boat - surftrip, where we will produce the first austrian boat trip movie. enjoy the pics and the summer

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fabulous 2 days of riding cordovan snow...

yeeah! mitch and me had 2 great days of riding. We had do do shorter runs -up to 300 m vertical drop-, because the avalanche danger is higher than usually in the chugach this year. the snow was great though, and we did some very nice lines. on the second day i took a big drop over an icewall, but there was so much snow in the air below me that i couldn`t see the landing any more and came down very hard on my back and knees. my body feels pretty beat up at the moment, so i am probably the only one here at points north ( ) who is happy about some days of the raining and snowing we have now. i hope to be back in shape when the sun comes back!

so here are new pictures...

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once again in the freerider's paradise!

here we are once again in freerider`s paradise! the sickest lines in the best conditions possible is what has been bringing mitch and me to cordova for over half a decade now. but it`s not just that:

this place, beautifully situated in the prince williams gulf of alaska, is home to a few guys who have become very close friends over the years. and last but not least, cordova hosts the northermost surfbreaks of the whole pacific, which we went to explore 2 days ago – photos to be online soon.

scroll down to share some moments with us from the past 10 days...

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exploring the carpats - a new hotspot for freeskiers!

In february 2006, a crossover crew of skiers and snowboarders form Austria came together to explore a new hotspot for freeriding: The Carpats, a mountain range with spectacular peaks reaching as high as 2.500 meters. This range lies mostly in the eastern europe country of Romania, which is on the way to join the European Union in a few years. The team of riders was Mitch Tölderer, Bibi Pekarek and myself on Snowboards, plus Flo Köfer, Flox Edenberger and Lorrraine Huber on Skies. Even though we were not blessed with epic snow conditions, it was a great trip with strong experiences for everybody. Here are some impressions for you:

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victory at the engadinsnow freeride contest

great news!!

on january 5th 2006 i won the stimorol engadinsnow freeridecontest 2006 which took place on mt. corvatsch in silvaplana, switzerland. this invitational is the second largest freeridecomp in the world at the moment
after getting the  highest score in the first run i was flown up to the top again in the heli together with steve klassen (usa) and fred serin (fr) for the final, where i managed to secure first place with another good run. check out the line i took in the final plus some shots from the runs and the results.
that`s it for news so far. i hope your starts into 2006 were as good as mine (-:
take care,

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austrian summer is over - time to grab our boards and surf elsewhere....

when the summer comes to an end in austria, it`s time to grab the surfboards and go on the search for empty waves. our destination this time lies far away from the next mainland and is way off the beaten path. didn`t somebody say "travel a little further, search a littel longer"?

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thousands of meters above the austrian alps

over the past years, hanggliding has become one of my favourite sports. the feeling to fly thousands of meters above the earth, all by yourself, doing up to 130 km/h with nothing than a wing holding you, is hard to describe.

let the pictures talk....

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back in sri lanka after more than 6 years

during the years of 1998 and 1999 a couple of frinds and me spent 5 months in a small fishing village on the east coast of sri lanka, surfing waves that were still uncrowded by then.

today, things have changed a lot there. surf tourism is big, and the area was hit badly by the tsunami last christmas. but the friends we made back then are still there, and so i grabbed my surfboards in august to see how they are doing.

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if freeriders have dreams, they dream of Alaska

Nowhere else in the world you can find conditions as perfect as here: powder on 55° steep slopes, endless spines, and low avalanche danger. So every year we make the pilgrimage to Points North Heli Operations ( ) in the small fishing village of Cordova at the shores of Prince William Sound. And just like the fishermen there wait for the salmon to pass through, we wait for the sun to shine so that we can jump in the helicopter and fly deep into the Chugach Mountain Range to get the runs of our life.

In April 2005, Mitch Tolderer and me teamed up for 3 weeks with hot swiss photographer girl Myriam Lang-Wyllar and cameraman Seppi Dabringer to film for his new freeride-movie "Drawing Lines Volume 1".

Here are tons of photos for you, most of them from myriam (thanks!--> )

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legendary freeride competition in Verbier, Switzerland

On march 19th the 10 edition of the legendary freeride competition took place in Verbier, Switzerland. Because of bad snow conditions on the infamous Bec de Rosses, the contest site was moved to a different place, which was not as steep and long but still challenging. I was lucky enough to draw the number 1 to descend as the very first competitor, but unfortunately I broke my board at the landing of a biiig drop halfway down the face.

So my chances of winning were over but still it was a great time as aslways to hang out in Verbier with friends from all over the world. Check out more pics, videos and story on

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epic conditions after heavy snowfall in austria

hello everybody,

after the heavy snowfalls in austria last week we went to shoot stills and also film with productions and were confronted with epic conditions, but also with very high avalanche danger.

luckily, nobody was hurt in the slides you see on the following pics...


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welcome to some impressions from our trip to japan in february 2005

up to 8 meters (!) of snowbase and a culture sooo different from our european one made this trip a truly unique experience...

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