in the air


you dream about flying like a bird? we can make your dreams come true....

man has been dreaming of flying since the beginning.....and on a hangglider we can finally make this dream come true!

just a few steps down the ramp and we will be weightlessly gliding though the air, feeling the magic of threedimensional freedom.

all you need to bring is the wish to fly and the courage to do those first steps with me on your side.

with my tandem pilot certificate & over 200 tandem flights i am one of the most experiecenced hanggliding pilots in the world.

costs for tandem flights:

=> euro 190.- including all your gear.

=> euro 30.- for a pack of photos or a movie filmed with our gopro

=> costs for cable car, road toll & pilot traveling costs are extra and vary depending on the location

contact me here for a tandem flight today:

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great video from the base jump performed by my buddy matthias giraud and me

it was a perfect day at the ski resort bergbahnen rosshtte in seefeld thursday this week.

a crew of 13 friends help us fullfil the dream to be the first BASE jumpers ever to jump from the hrmelekopfbahn, with a total of 21 cameras in place to catch all the action on video. while obviously being illegal and the resort not knowing about our plans, we made sure not to leave any trace, ot to damage anything or to put anyone in danger - which we all managed to do.

the planing of the jumps took up a long time: entering the gondola without raising attention, a super scetchy landing in a narrow riverbed, an exact getaway plan for us and the filmcrew and much more had to be considered.

find the first edit on epic tv here, a new edit with more unreleased footage will be online as well soon.

thx to everyone involved for the help and to my thule teammate matthias giraud for joining in!!!

by the way - the resort did not even notivce our jump and was informed before the video went online. and guess what? their first action was to put it on their facebook page ( TO WHISTLER FROM AUSTRIA ((-: 


we did it!!!!

after 12 years, soft and hard times in the past, one baby with us and number two on the way, we finally did IT. it was a beautiful day with just the closest family members around us on grandma`s farm. and guess what ......despite all my fears it did not hurt at all ((-:

thanks to YOU nina for all the wonderful times so far, your support and sharing dreams.

let`s keep going forever!!

click here for more pics from that beautiful day...

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unique event in innsbruck

innsbruck hosted a unique event some days ago, with all shops in town being open till late at night. freeride world tour buddy matthias "hauni" haunholder and me did our best to motivate the kids for a good competition-show on the air-trampolin.
the party after wards did not lack any motivation either ((-;

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life is beautiful...

...and welcoming your first son in this world is incredible!
say hello to keano, our baby. thanks nina for giving birth to the new epicenter of our lifes!
here he is - born on april 20th at 10 pm, lightweight at 2,8 kg and 48 cm.

love you buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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blood, sweat and tears...

here is, after a week of blood, sweat and tears, our new film for the nissan outdoor games 2009 in interlaken, switzerland.
for more info about the event itself , also check out
and here it is: CHALLENGE OF FATE

summer is still young...

but photographer stuart kowles ( and me already managed to get some sick shots...check it out

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team arogn @ outdoor games

at the end of my 2009, the austrian / german "team arogn" congregated again to participate in the outdoor games in interlaken. seppi dabringer has taken over my role as the team captain and is doing a great job!
day one startet with pretty cool hangglidig action.
click on the pic to see the "making of" to our new film  "challenge of fate"

fly high!

check out skydancer!

check out my new hanggliding video SKYDANCER, edited by matthus ritsch ( thanks muggi for all the work!!

click here:

what a crazy week in Chamonix!

our whole TEAM ARGON worked like hell to get our movie "THE DEVILS RIDE" done.
7 days to get 5 sports filmed plus pack it up in a good story was amazing challenge for everybody. thanks go out to my team

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alpsolut fun presented in a video

this summer i managed to make my first B.A.S.E.jumping video, together with my buddy andy raciz and the crew of alpsolut , hannes and uli. we had great fun producing it and i think you will have fun watching it. the action takes plase around the st. wolfgang lake, on of the most beautiful areas of austria. the movie is called "seitensprnge" and you can see  it out on youtube HERE

have fun!

click into the picture and fly with me from the almost 3000 m high birg mountain near interlaken down to the lauterbrunnen valley...

flying over magnificient swiss alps scenery

click on the link below and watch some good flying action in front of the impressive backdrop of the swiss alps:

offical version:

special vip-version edited by bani:

(click on outdoor games - team austria)

have fun!

news from flying across the alps!

after 2 weeks of flying in the spain pyrenees at the beginning of june i went on to the swiss alps for 2 weeks and i participated in the acrobatics event in villeneve, switzerland and finished 4th! 
i still have to improve my loops, then next year an even better result should be possible!

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just in time...

just in time for the acrobatic hanggliding competition season, the australian company AIRBORNE took me on board of their flying team. airborne produces some of the finest gliders in the world, with the famous C4 beeing their flagship. 
airborne germany, owned by max wiener, imports the gliders to europe, with the zillertal based company seedwings as their austrian dealer. 
also owned by max, PLUSMAX ist supporting me with sunglasse for flying.
with all the new gear on board, i am off to spain tonight for 2 weeks of acro-training in organya, a little village northwest of barcelona. then it`s time for the acrovertigo, the biggest acrobatic competition for hanggliders and paragliders at the lake of geneva, directly followed by the nissan outdoor games in interlaken the first week of july, where we will for the first time represent as team austria. 
news and pics from on the road will follow! 


great first springtime basejump

yesterday i did a great jump at the drachenwand near st. wolfgang. 
some great INTERACTIVE pics were done with the amazing new photo technique of stuart knowles...

winter is over - time to be in the air!

may has come and winter is finally over! 
time to get the hangglider out and flyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. 
but also time to show friends how great is it to feel like a bird. 
one of my best buddies andi walli and jan joined forces for a weekend, learning to fly. 
it`s easyier than you think...

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stopover in magland for a basejump

on the way home from tignes i found a way to get rid of my frustration after not doing well at the comp: matthias haunholder and me interrupted the 9 hour drive with a stopover in magland west of chamonix for a basejump.
magland is a nice site with a solidly overhanging wall, around 400 m til you gotta pull. nobody else was there and we had a good session.

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vertigo swiss riviera ... the most prestigious acrobatic hanggliding competition

in late august this summer, i was invited to the vertigo swiss riviera, the most prestigeous acrobatic competition for hanggliders and paragliders in world. since i only learned to fly a loopinga a few months before, it was a very big challenge for me to compete against the top pilots there.
nevertheless, i managed to finish on 4th place! and best of all - looks like i will be able to compete at the acrobatic hangliding world champonships in norway in august 2008!
for more info check out
here are some action-loaded pics for you:
--> thanks to andi essig for the pics ( )

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flying high in the sky ... i am loving it!

dream about flying, too?? then join me!
mail to and come for a tandemflight around innsbruck.
also makes for a great birthday present for you friends and family.
see below how it works!
have a good summer!

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jumping from the bridge for soko kitz

 soko kitzbhel is an austrian tv show, and since a few years we do ski- and snowboardstunts for them. this time is was really challenging, since i had to jump from a paraglider 3 times in a row, and the exit was not that high. here are some pics from the training session at a famous bridge near innsbruck.....

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speedflyers team up for jn kites, the most innovative kite and speedflying brand on the planet, has decided to form a team of speedflyers, consisting of world record holder hardy brandsttter, former swiss world champion ueli kestenholz and myself.
jn kites just won the brandnew award at the ispo-tradeshow for the hellracer, simply the best speedflyer on the market right now. here it is!
thanks to jn for the support and be ready to see some good action right here soon!!

THE sports activity of this winter!

Speedflying turns out to be THE sport of this winter. unreal action going off everywhere! also check out ueli kestenholz on sick.

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it all started out on a nice summer day...

the question: what does this picture have to do with hanggliding?
the answer: it all started out as a regular flight on a nice summer day...

with great airtime until a technical malfuncture on the wing forced me to throw out the rescue parachute. it opened well and took me do the ground safely, but the landing site was in the trees and had quite tricky access. so my friends had to get the local fire brigade.
after checking out the situation they took ropes and a chainsaw and got the glider out.
and with the help of them and my friends chrissie and muggi the day came to happy end after all, with a few beers and a big pasta.
thanks to everybody who helped, espacially the fire brigade schlitters!

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the world of fashion - photoshooting in paris

yesterday i came back from paris, where i had a photoshooting for my sponsor cebe. it was intersting to be in right in the heart of the fashion world for some time. check it out...


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hanggliding in austria over magnificient scenery

finally we are having a great summer here in austria with perfect weather for hanggliding. here are some impressions for you from the last weeks. as for me, i will keep on flying for anothher few weeks and then go to indonesia on a boat - surftrip, where we will produce the first austrian boat trip movie. enjoy the pics and the summer

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thousands of meters above the austrian alps

over the past years, hanggliding has become one of my favourite sports. the feeling to fly thousands of meters above the earth, all by yourself, doing up to 130 km/h with nothing than a wing holding you, is hard to describe.

let the pictures talk....

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