freeride spirit....

From the Carabbean Ocean to the Austrian Mountains.....

After 2 years of cruising the Carrabben Seas on our 40 ft catamran SNOWFLAKE with NIna, Keano & Momo we are back in Innsbruck.

I am looking forward a lot to go riding again, to judge at Freeride World Tour events, to coach the Juniors, to make a good movie with the STOKED filmcrew and much more.

See you up there.... (((-:


the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

ready to cruise the seven seas of the world with my family

Dear friends around the globe,

after 8 years of dreaming, having 2 kids, 1 year of preparation and finally 10 weeks of hards work in the boatyard here in Trinidad our new floating home is finally ready to go.

SNOWFLAKE is a 40 ft sailing catmaran and will be our home for the next couple of years as we cruise the seven seas of the world.

From today on, you can follow the adventures of Nina, Keano, Momo and myself online on:

and even though we will not always connected to the web, you also find us here:
We hope that we can inspire you to follow your dreams as well ((-:
take care,
Flo & Nina & Keano & Momo

dreams coming true...
dreams coming true...

as THE SAILING FAMILY we will lift anchor soon to conquer the seven seas of the world


after 17 years as a pro freerider it is time a new chapter in life:

in januar 2018, we will have our sailing catamaran "SNOWFLAKE" ready to go in trinidad and we will set sails for new horizons - as a family.

with my wife nina and our kids keano and momo the best crew i can imagine will be on board when we set sails for a few years.....

stay tuned for our new website to be online soon!



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the last bib.....

no fwt championship quest for me this winter!


it is with a heavy heart that i am announcing the end of my competitive carrer on the freeride world tour.

after 15 years of competition it is time for a break, giving me the chance to focus on other things.

i am looking forward to a winter with more filming and time to go riding with my kids!

and - i will still participate in the home comp in fieberbrunn on march 4th as a wild card entry hehe.

thanks to everyone for the support over a decade an a half, enabling me to live the dream ((-:

the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

teaming up with ASTIS as they are approaching europe with thwir amazing range of gloves

Astis combines todays technology with the tradition of handcrafted artistry. Astis mittens and gloves are made from the highest-quality and hardwearing suede leather. Hand-stitched in the USA, the forearm pattern offers a choice of uniquely designed beadwork or cowhide pattern.

check them out on!

(-: flo


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the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

finishing my competitive carrer in verbier with a double podium

what a weekend!

only 10 days after a 3rd place at the world tour comp in alaska we had the finals of the tour in verbier,

on the mythical bec de rosses where my carrer started 16 years ago in march 2000.

i knew i still had a chance for the overall podium and the bec is my favourite mountain on the tour:

long, steep, gnarly, just the way i like it - which is not so much true for all riders on the tour, and so i was the only snowboarder to go into the more radical middle part of the mountain.

visibility was unfortunately horrible due to some high grey clouds, and it was really hard to see. so after a clean upper part i had troubles seeing the landings of my main cliffs, which led to two wabbly landings and the loss of some points, putting me in second place behind sammy lueke.....but the judges were still not sure asfter 2 days if they had taken the right decision (-;

anywyy congrats to sammy fot the title, he is the best and deserves it more than anyone!!! and i was still happy, because the second place here put me into second place overall as well, and with two silver medals in one day it should be easy for me now to say goodbye to the freeride world tour as a rider and retire....well it should be right????


flo ((-;

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the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

sitting on 6th place overall after halftime of the 2016 tour


high end riding prevailed in cham for stop nr. 2 of the tour.

this time we had to drop in last into a very tracked venue ))-:

with a score of over 82 i finished on 5th - usually that is a safe podium, this time it was not (-:

here is my run, i think that the way the use the hero cast is not perfect yet because if they edit it like this you cannot see the size of the drops....

see you in fieberbrunn on march 4th for the home comp!!!!!!



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the gorilla in the finish arera (-:

solid start into the 2016 fwt season

tough conditions prevailed in andorra for the first comp of the season.

a thin snowpack with warm temperatures and a super early start ment that was hard to judge the conditions.

i dropped in with bib nr. 4 and had a challengin line with a drop into a narrow couloir followed by a solid exit drop. still, i slowed down a bit to much at the entry dop and thus 6th place was the fair result.

watch my run here:

still it was great to charge, enjoying the vibe of the tour in my last competition season.

so watch out for the gorilla on the next comps - chamoni is up on february 6th!



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proudly presenting my new baby

childhood dreams are coming true when i start my new baby:

a mercedes G-Class offroad SUV will take me through the 2016 winter!!

thx to steffen @ for makig things possible......

#GIANTSontour #MercedesBenz #MAKULO #GClass #DrivenToExplore

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check out our great roadtrip movie

if you did not have the chance to see it at a festival,

check out our soultrip movie from iceland here:





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proud to present my hometown as new main partner

it is the place where i was born, where i grew up and where my hombase is:


home to 120.000 mountain enthusiastic pleople & another 30.000 students,

this city has my love .....and it has everything else:

amazing mountains with world class feeriding right around town, great climbing, perfect hanggliding & paragliding locations, a richt cultural scene and a rocking nightlife 

check out the best resorts around town here or go directly to the homepages of my favourite resorts:


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maybe my last competition season???

the fwt 2016 calendar is out, check the dates here!!!

it might well be my last ever fwt season, after 15 years of comps it`s about time (-:

here is the tour trailer:


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iceland roadtrip!

together with my mates banni zanon, chris schnabel, seb paschinger and flo albert as filmer we ventured out into the wild north of iceland`s troll penninsula.

it was an incredbile trip in this partly unreal landscape shaped by ancient glaciers.

magic sunsets on the peaks overlooking the ocean and beautiful hikes on our splitboards into galcier bowls were among the highlights. our friends from viking helicopters flew us to the most amazing spring snow lines, and in between we climbed some crazy couloirs.

we also had a fun day with the junior snowboard rippers in the small ski resort of akureri, did a soulfull sunset kicker session and had a few drinks with local crew....oh yes and there is surf in island, too!

the movie will be out on film festivals this summer, so watch out for it.

here are a few impressions for you:

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stoked about a successful contest season!

after a stressful transfer from haines in alaska to verbier with a 2 hour stopover at home,

there was not much energy left to perform on the last event of the 2015 tour.

without enough snow to be able to ride the real bec de rosses and withou time to check the face the day before,

i could not find the flow i need to perfom and had a pretty shitty run.

still, with 3 podiums and a 6th place i finished 3rd overall in the rankings ((((-:

now it is time for some family days before heading to iceland for a filmtrip to finish off the season.

take care,



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unreal event in ak......

what a day in ak!

after 2 weks of waiting and expanding the waiting period for one day,

the event finally happened on a huge face called "the venue".

i was the last snowboarder on the mountain and i was hard to judge the snow condiitons, but i chose the right line and rode it with 100%, doing one of the biggest floating airs of the day!

check out the video of my run clicking on "video" at the top of this site.....

i am second in the ranking in the race for the world title....this weekend in verbier the big showdown is happening!

click below for more pics from alaska!


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