Flo Orley professional freerider


13th of October, 1975 in Innsbruck, Austria


Let your passions be your guide and always love this life!


Height 190cm, weight 75 kg, foot size 10, IQ insane


Surfing. Connects you to mother nature like nothing else on earth.
Hanggliding. You should try it. There is nothing like flying 3000 meters above the ground with your own wings.
B.A.S.E. Jumping. Maybe not ment to be for humans. But still unreal every time I do that one step
Sailing. The most natural mean of transport over oceans.


Hochfügen, Seegrube & St. Anton in Austria


Master of sports-management, snowboard mountain guide, hanggliding & paragliding tandem pilot, sailing and motorboat captain's licence


Summed up I have done around…
…4 full years of surfing around the globe: Costa Rica, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, USA, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Alaska, Tahiti, Tonga, Madagascar, Europe, Ghana, Morocce and more

…29 seasons of snowboarding (by 2014) all over the European Alps, Scandinavia, the Pyrenees, the Caucasus, the Himalaya, New Zealand, the Western US, Canada and a couple of trips to Alaska. Should be close to 3.000 days on my snowboard (-:

… 3 summer crusing Central and Southern Europe as well as the Pyrenees in search for perfect hanggliding conditions.

why snowboarding?

nowhere else can I feel as alive as I do in the moments when I reach my limits on the mountains I love.