völkl providing me with freeskiing gear

i am happy to announce a new partner on board!
völkl v-skis is providing me with the gear for freeskiing.
since the brotherhood of the former rivals of snowboarders and skiers is strenghtening each year, i decided to stop snowboarding an restart a skiing career.
ok that was not serious.... serious is that i really like to ski. did you actually know that aside from a snowboard guide i am also a certified ski-instructor?
check out
also, auf die fritten männer!

winter 2007 is over

it was not the winter of big snowfalls in europe. is our climate changing? will our kids still be riding powder like we did all those years? we do not know...but we will ennjoy it as long as we can!
let`s hope for a good winter 2008.

end of season and another 1st ... yeah!

yeah! end of the season and another 1st! after a full week of waiting in the snow and rain organizer jarkko hennttonen and his crew finally managed to hold the contest up here in the beautiful tamok valley in nothern norway. the bad weather kept us from going to one of the sick and big faces we saw, but everybody found his challenge on the contestsite. check out
big hands to jarkko, ode and the crew!!
after the event, mitch tölderer, bibi pekarek and me rented a motorhome and went on a search for powder and waves with photographer xandi kreuzeder. 3 degrees water tempearature, no people around and an unreal scenery made this trip a unique experience, even though we hardly ever saw the norwegian sun.

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jumping from the bridge for soko kitz

 „soko kitzbühel” is an austrian tv show, and since a few years we do ski- and snowboardstunts for them. this time is was really challenging, since i had to jump from a paraglider 3 times in a row, and the exit was not that high. here are some pics from the training session at a famous bridge near innsbruck.....

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happy or not... ?

what can i say….happy or not happy? many riders dream about a 4th place at the xtreme, but since i had a stupid fall after landing on a rock near the end of my line, i was also angry at myself for not keeping it together until the finish line and beeing in the top 3. anyway, i love verbier and this event, and hope to be back many more times in the years to come.
action pics are in the gallery on
thanks, verbier!


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when anger transforms into performance...

i am stoked!!! only two days after beeing pretty disappointed about not making the top five at the "nissan freeridetour" in flaine (france) and so not beeing qualified for the verbier xtreme, i managed to change anger into performance and won the big mountain contest in fieberbrunn, austria!
a really cool competition with a high level in riding, super well organized and with a great face to ride, this contest is about to be among the top freerideevents in the world. check out
my mood got even better when the phone ringed and organizer nicolas hale-woods from verbier called me to tell me that i get a wildcard and am invited to the verbier xtreme this weekend....yeah!

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first time - big success!

Auch wenn das Camp am Abend der Anreise wegen eines Buchungsfehlers fast nicht anfangen hätte können, wurde es doch noch ein voller Erfolg. Einziger Wehrmutstropfen – die Verletzung von Christina, die sie sich beim Versuch der 2007er Erstbefahrung der „Krumpen Rinne“ beim Sturz auf einen Stein zuzog und deshalb leider vorzeitig nach Hause mußte. Danke an Euch alle – lässig wars und bis nächstes Jahr!

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speedflyers team up for jn kites, the most innovative kite and speedflying brand on the planet, has decided to form a team of speedflyers, consisting of world record holder hardy brandstötter, former swiss world champion ueli kestenholz and myself.
jn kites just won the brandnew award at the ispo-tradeshow for the hellracer, simply the best speedflyer on the market right now. here it is!
thanks to jn for the support and be ready to see some good action right here soon!!

cool pics from the photoshooting contest

together with skier flo köfer and photographer franz gerdl we formed a team in the photoshooting contest that took in place in nendaz, switzerland recently. it was organized by alex coudray and the very nice people of the we didn`t win the event, but got some cool shots...

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THE sports activity of this winter!

Speedflying turns out to be THE sport of this winter. unreal action going off everywhere! also check out ueli kestenholz on sick.

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riding italian waves instead of swiss mountains

i am in the french part of switzerland right now at a photoshooting event in the village of nendaz, but more about that later. since there was a big snowstorm yesterday, instead of riding on the mountains we went down to italy to ride waves. the surf was BIG by italian standards and we had a great time in the water! here we go...

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extreme sports elite meets in ischgl for the premiere of

last week the premiere of the took place in ischgl, austria. together with some of the best in their sports like basejumper felix baumgartner, kajaker schorschi schauf, telemarker lothar hofer, the snowboarders of the ästhetiker crew and others we watched some of the most amazing action on the screen at the new pardatschgrat-restaurant at 2200 meters.
seppi seppi dabringer and me were proud to present a part of the movie with some sick lines from our last trip to alaska. since there is not much snow throughout the alps anyway, make sure you do not miss the new mxs, now on tour in a movie theater near you!

snowfall in verbier

just got a sick shot from the last verbier it is...
right now it looks like winter is far pray for snow!

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simple and efficient safety system

i would like to say welcome to a new material sponsor in my team of partners:
the avalanche ball, in german simply "lawinenball", makes sure that you can be found by your friends in the shortest possible time after getting buried by an avalanche. the system is super simple and efficient, weights less than 1kg (!) and is reuseable thousands of times.
the heart of the system is the ball that is connected to your body by a string and a strap. it is stored in a small bag that you attach to you backbag and is released by a handle that you attach to your sholder strap. a metal spring opens it within 1/10th of a second.
due to its light weight the ball will always stay on the surface, even in the case of a second avalanche. it is easy to see, you just follow the string uphill until you are on top of the buried person and start digging.
this system does not replace the "pieps", but makes it a lot easier to find somebody. especially for the average backcountry skier or "tourengeher" as well as for the freerider, this system is simply great. if you are interested, go or contact me at
i wish all of us a safe winter with a lot of powpow!

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leaving the track in indonesia ...

october 2006 saw an all-time crew hit the eastern indonesian islands surfbreaks, cruising on an 18m boat to get the best acces to the many hidden pearls in the crown of indonesia`s waves.
the trip was aproppriatly named "LEAVE THE TRACK", and the movie of the same name is on the new dvd "the preparation" of our cameraman and producer seppi dabringer together with great snowboard action, available in shops like media markt from dec 1st. thanks to flo puritscher for organizing the whole thing!
back to the story....for three weeks we were blessed by back-to-back swells and epic surf.  here is a selection of pics from our star photographer "mangnum" jakob polacsek. enjoy!

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