surfing the forgotten islands...

1 - ok, here is the crew: flo puritscher and myself.
2 - it`s a really beautiful country! on one side the ocean........
3 - ....and on the other side blue-green crater lakes.
4 - the breaks are not really crowded - as you can see.
5 - same beach, but a little bigger!!
6 - our campground between the cows.
7 - i got us fresh milk whenever we wanted.
8 - this wave is called "fishtail"
9 - the picture is not sharp, but the waves are good.
10 - local transport can be quite tricky.
11 - an this wave is near .... and it`s called ...
12 - yes it`s true there is nobody out. but we surfed it every day.
13 - nothing to say about this picture.
14 - sunset on our last day.
15 - flo p. after a couple of beers, waiting for the plane to take us home.

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