surf trip to indonesia

this was the crew:
up: flo puritscher, ueli kestenholz, martin winkler
down: mitch tölderer , markus staudinger, jhonny nestlinger, myself, klaus "captain" baumgartner, seppi dabringer
and this is what we were looking for:
an this, too:
so we looked from the air......
and from the ground.....
...until we found what we were looking for: pörtsch ripping right next to our boat sama-sama:
pörtsch is the stylemaster, so he gets a closeup on this nice bottom turn:
when it was hot pörtsch used a hat for surfing....
while i preferred suncream (thanks stuart!)
so this was the setup. we were the only surfers ........ paradise!
then we went to another island, and the swell was a little bigger. i loved it!
biiiiig walls!
as the tide came in, it was less hollow, but still great fun!
soooo many waves!
falls were punished by the shallow reef!
in between sessions it was time to chill.
and the waves kept coming...
one day we took some time off for a soccer match against the locals. it was a great match and ended 1:1. klaus was the man! check out the footwear!
also in the water, klaus was charging. this is try number one.......
and here is try number two. the tube of the trip. respect, captain!!!
jhonny was the surfpunk. you think you would sit deep? jhonny goes deeper...
jhonny stalling for an "österreicher tube"
markus at the best hammock spot you can imagine!
he is the one who looks like a pro in his turns!  be it frontside....
...or backside...
...or down the line. yeah markus, alter ripper!
ueli was called laird because of his unique style. can you see it?
mcfly on his favourite wave of the trip, a smooth left in a beautiful bay called k.....
here is mitch with a lot of speed!
and here he is escaping the lip being stoked!
mitch again, thinking "why wasn`t i sitting further outside?"
seppi, always spreading good vibes.
and always ready to capture the action! thanks, seppi.
magnum alias jakob, the man who took the pics you see. thanks, magnum!
and the waves kept on coming in. heavy!!
wayan doing what he loves to do: fishing!
and here is what he caught. sashimi time!!
and the waves kept on coming in....
...but it was time to go home to the mountains and get ready for the winter season. thanks to huey for all the beautiful waves, and thanks to all the guys on the boat for a great time!

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