airborne - my new hanggliding sponsor

just in time for the acrobatic hanggliding competition season, the australian company AIRBORNE took me on board of their flying team. airborne produces some of the finest gliders in the world, with the famous C4 beeing their flagship. 
airborne germany, owned by max wiener, imports the gliders to europe, with the zillertal based company seedwings as their austrian dealer. 
also owned by max, PLUSMAX ist supporting me with sunglasse for flying.
with all the new gear on board, i am off to spain tonight for 2 weeks of acro-training in organya, a little village northwest of barcelona. then it`s time for the acrovertigo, the biggest acrobatic competition for hanggliders and paragliders at the lake of geneva, directly followed by the nissan outdoor games in interlaken the first week of july, where we will for the first time represent as team austria. 
news and pics from on the road will follow! 


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