surf trip to peru

typical transport along the coast of peru
the incredible view from the house from xavier and nacho.
mcfly on the mini malibu
xavier crusing
mcfly and xavier having a great session
nacho ruling it at is home wave
me on the mini malibu checking out the oil rigs
in peru all climate zones of this planet can be found, making the variation of food amazing.
fishing is a big industry along the coast, even though done with small boats
after 2 weeks of constant surf it went flat and we went to the mountains to check out some ruins of the incas and other ancient tribes.
up here, people live in small mountain villages
and it seems like not much has changed over the past decades.
we hiked to the "catarata gocta", the 3rd largest waterfall in the world. it is an amazing and magic place and not yet visited by many tourists.
mcfly playing indiana jones at "kuelap", one of the biggest fortress towns of early south american times. situated at an altitude of over 3000 meters, it was only discovered a few decades ago .
we went back to the coast for more surf, using a local 3wheeler for transport.
and found another left point
with perfect fun surf
october 13th is my birthday! time for a big cake and a party!
we pimped the party by adding some local ingredients from the local market(-:
...and added some more local ingredients later on ((-:
like usually the swell is the best when the hangover is the biggest. chicama was said to be working, so we had to go. another car, another long drive, but in the end we finally found what we had been looking for:
from the take of point to the end of the wave at the pier it is about 4km.
npadling here. you jump form the rock, catch a wave, surf it to the end and walk back.
and on and on and on and on and onand on
ironically, this was the very last day of our trip. you can be sure me made the most of it!!
thank you peru for this magic trip with nice people, great waves and good vibes.
thanks mcfly and xavier and nacho and cristian and everybody else.
time to go back home....winter is already knocking on our doors.
this was peru, october 2007

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