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Getting ready for an epic season:

The world’s best big-mountain riders to compete in the new unified world tour

Lausanne, Switzerland / Salt Lake City, USA – October 11, 2012 — A host of new faces join the leading skiers and snowboarders from past season, as the SWATCH FREERIDE WORLD TOUR BY THE NORTH FACE goes into its first season as a globally unified series. The new tour will combine top riders and most champions of last winter’s Swatch Freeride World Tour, Freeskiing World Tour and The North Face Masters of Snowboarding. The line-up will additionally include strong talent emerging from the Freeride World Qualifiers as well as some hotly contended wild cards. (Please read the riders’ comments below)


The SWATCH FREERIDE WORLD TOUR BY THE NORTH FACE 2013 will kick off at Revelstoke (CAN), January 7, 2013, and then move on to the first European stops at Courmayeur-Mont-Blanc (ITA) andChamonix-Mont-Blanc (FRA). After the following events at Kirkwood (USA) and Fieberbrunn PillerseeTal(AUT), the qualified riders will prepare for the finals at Verbier (SUI).

The top 12 male skiers from the Freeride World Tour 2012 and Freeskiing World Tour 2012 are automatically qualified. For female skiers, the top five from the Freeride World Tour 2012 and the top three from the Freeskiing World Tour 2012 are eligible to compete. The line-up includes skiers like 2012 Freeride World Tour champion Reine Barkered (SWE), 2012 Freeskiing World Tour champion Josh Daiek (USA), two-time Freeride World Tour champion Aurélien Ducroz (FRA), 2011 Freeskiing World Tour champion Drew Tabke (USA), as well as 2012 Freeride World Tour champion Christine Hargin (SWE) and two-time Freeskiing World Tour champion Angel Collinson (USA). Some tour spots have also been reserved for Wild Cards. There are two types of wild cards – those given to riders committed to follow the whole tour and local organizer wild cards given to riders for a single event. In skiing, one of the wild cards was given to Markus Eder (ITA) who recently shone at the Swatch Skiers Cup at Valle Nevado, Chile.

In the Snowboard division, the top six male riders from the Freeride World Tour 2012 and top four male riders from the Masters of Snowboarding 2012 as well as the top three females from the Freeride World Tour 2012 and the Masters of Snowboarding 2012 are automatically qualified. Confirmed snowboarders include 2012 Freeride World Tour champion Jonathan Charlet (FRA), 2012 Masters of Snowboarding champion Sammy Luebke (USA), three-time Freeride World Tour champion Xavier de Le Rue (FRA) from the Swatch Proteam, as well as Ralph Backstrom (USA), Flo Orley (AUT), and 2012 Masters of Snowboarding champion Shannan Yates (USA).

In addition, several riders in all categories qualified through the Freeride World Qualifiers 2012. Talents who now have the opportunity to prove themselves in the SWATCH FREERIDE WORLD TOUR BY THE NORTH FACE include skiers Wille Lindberg (SWE), Léo Slemett (FRA), and Pia Nic Gundersen (NOR) as well as snowboarders Ludovic Guillot-Diat (FRA), Joel Rouge (SUI), and French sisters Margot and Elodie Mouthon (FRA).

Download the SWATCH FREERIDE WORLD TOUR BY THE NORTH FACE 2013 Pre-Qualified, Invited Athlete List: Men and Women

Drew Tabke (USA), 2nd Freeride World Tour 2012 Ski Men: “I've competed in the sport for nearly a decade and 2013 looks to be the most exciting year yet. I am so stoked the merger between the two tours is finally going down because it means we’ll finally see the best skiers from around the world at the same events. I expect the level of riding at the Freeride World Tour this year to be at the highest it’s ever been because of the incredible athlete roster. I can’t wait to see what countries and riders are dominant this year. I personally have my money on Team America.”

Xavier de Le Rue (FRA), triple Freeride World Tour winner Snowboard Men: I'm really happy to see The North Face getting on board of the Freeride World Tourfor the next few years. I'm sure that along with Swatch and the reunification of both tours, the FWT will reach a well-deserved next level. On a personal level, filming will keep me a bit too busy to follow the whole tour, but I'll be excited to come and ride three of the events of the tour.


Flo Orley (AUT), Dritter Freeride World Tour 2012 Snowboard Herren: „Der Schritt zu einer weltweiten Freeride-Tour ist für mich eine logische Entwicklung. Der Zusammenschluss bietet tolle Chancen für die Fahrer. Durch die Verdichtung und Professionalisierung erwarte ich insbesondere für uns Snowboarder einen Sprung beim fahrerischen Niveau sowie für die Zuschauer interessantere und noch spannendere Contests. Der erhöhte Druck wird sich aber auch auf die Athleten auswirken. Professionellere Strukturen werden sich etablieren. Aber ich hoffe, dass der freie Geist der Freeride-Szene trotzdem erhalten bleibt.“



Competition Calendar

1. Swatch Freeride World Tour Revelstoke 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 7 January; Location: Revelstoke (CAN) 
Disciplines: Men's and Women's Ski and Snowboard

2. Swatch Freeride World Tour Courmayeur-Mont-Blanc 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 19 January; Location: Courmayeur-Mont-Blanc (ITA)
Disciplines: Men's Ski and Snowboard

3. Swatch Freeride World Tour Chamonix-Mont-Blanc 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 26 January; Location: Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (FRA)
Disciplines: Men's and Women's Ski and Snowboard 

4. Swatch Freeride World Tour Kirkwood 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 27 February; Location: Kirkwood (USA)
Disciplines: Men's and Women's Ski and Snowboard

5. Swatch Freeride World Tour Fieberbrunn Pillerseetal 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 9 March; Location: Fieberbrunn Pillerseetal (AUT)
Disciplines: Men's and Women's Ski and Snowboard

6. Swatch Verbier Xtreme 2013 by The North Face
Dates: 23 March; Location: Verbier (SUI)
Disciplines: Men's and Women's Ski and Snowboard

Photos: Click here to get a selection of HD pictures


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